EM Africa is focused on Africa. Africa is a huge continent, very diverse and often misunderstood. Maybe a little bit of background information might help…

As Africans ourselves we know that Africa has been mightily blessed. Her natural resources make her the wealthiest continent on earth in terms of natural resources. She possesses a rich heritage as the womb of the Judeo-Christian faith. Her people made in the image of God, hold enormous potential as human capital.

Chika Onyeani, a journalist of the African Sun Times is quoted as saying, “Africa continues to be demonized as the poorest continent in the world, yet it is the richest continent in terms of natural resources.” On the other side of the Atlantic Ocean Dr. Walter Williams, Professor of Economics at George Mason University in the USA is echoing Chika Onyeani’s observation by saying, “In terms of natural resources, Africa is the world’s richest continent”.

Despite these observations despite Africa’s potential and blessings, rich natural endowments and unimaginable abundance, it is a continent ravaged by poverty, disease, corruption and conflict. This is the heartbreaking paradox that haunts the psyche of all Africans. For years international aid and development agencies have tried to deal with these problems—with limited success. A predominantly animistic worldview holds sway over the minds of many Africans—a worldview that sees man as a victim of nature, of other people, or of fate. This mindset shifts responsibility for Africa’s social ills to the spirit realm, leaving individuals little hope or motivation for working towards a better future.

We call this the African paradox; Africa is blessed but broken.