Things Change but Jesus Doesn't

I heard that little phrase (things change, Jesus doesn't) about a week ago and didn't think too much of it. I kind of thought, well duh, Jesus is the same guy He was yesterday, today and will be the same tomorrow. But throughout the changes of this week, I am beginning to understand just how true that is. 

Monday was the first change of the week. We began working at the disability center. At first I was skeptical and somewhat nervous. I had become so accustomed to the school and the way life was there. I was worried that I wouldn't fit in quite right at the disability center because I wasn't as out going as the other people on my team. I let my thoughts cloud my open mindedness with fears and worries. I wasn't seeking the opportunity with an open heart and I knew it. But the second I stepped out of Beliam, I knew I would be just fine because I had the Creator of all things walking with me through this transition. I knew that I could lean on Him and He wasn't going to let me fall. I knew that if I trusted Him with this change that He would flip my heart 180 degrees.  

And He did. 

So here it is, Friday, and I am looking back on this week with such a happy heart. Time is spent at the disability center the way time should be spent. Things are slow paced, never in a rush. You can make necklaces and bracelets or you can go sit with the kids. If you're not feeling either of those things, you can go spend some time with ma'am Morine in the kitchen watching her pot. It's all about building relationships and simply doing life with the people there. And this is how they do life, simple, laid back and never in a hurry. I am in love. My day is spent so much differently here than it was at the school. I knew what each day would look like more or less and some days even blurred because of the routine. Even though God still shined through that, He is really teaching me about life through the disability center and how it should be lived. 

Change is hard for me. Very hard. but God used this week as such a positive reinforcer of just how good change can be. He is showing me that He really does stay the same. I just have to be willing to trust Him with that change because if I do, man does He take care of it. How cool is that? He wants us to need Him and when we say "okay God, I'm feeling nervous about this change and I need some help" He replies happily, "I've been waiting 18 years for you to live life the way I intended, free of worry and stress over the little things like change, go enjoy life Taylor, I've got it covered." What a great Jesus. I really am just blown away day by day at my mere understanding of Agape. Because that doesn't change, even when everything else does.