Life in the Lesotho Mountains

The sun begins to peak over the mountains as my host sister and I walk down the long gravel road. I maneuver my giant green backpack into a more comfortable position as I look around at the village i have called home for the past 2 weeks. The dogs bark as we pass by and people wave from their homes as they tend to the fire or hang up their clothes to dry.

When we reach the end of the road I hug my host sister goodbye and thank her for welcoming me as apart of her family. I hop into the crammed taxi filled with 23 other people and begin the journey to reunite with my team. As we venture through the bumpy roads my mind fills with the many stories and experiences that I will forever cherish. Life in Lesotho is simple and peaceful- time is irrelevant and community is everything. The mountains are always breathtakingly beautiful and most times don’t look real. It is normal to wear blankets, ride donkeys, and carry water on your head.

Living in a village by myself for 2 weeks stretched and challenged me. Language barriers, culture differences, and no contact with home made it difficult at times, however, I wouldn’t trade my experiences for the world. I learned to find joy in the little things such as having fresh bread in the morning, playing marbles with my 12 year old host brother, gazing at the hundreds of stars that filled the sky each night, and laughing as i miserably failed to speak Sesotho. Through the hard and difficult moments I learned what it truly means to abide in Christ. I learned to completely trust Him in every situation and so vividly saw His hand at work in small and big ways. When i was frustrated with the endless amount of flies, when I physically didn’t think i had the strength to continue after hiking over mountains for 6 hrs, or when I questioned what my purpose in Lesotho was- Jesus carried me through and gave me the strength i needed to continue on. Having to rely on Him in every moment caused me to grow in my relationship with Him more than ever before. I am so thankful for our time in Lesotho and the many relationships we built. I will always cherish the memories of hiking mountains, watching the sun set, receiving several marriage proposals, collecting rocks from the river, singing Sesotho songs, and so much more.