Darling Week 2

2 weeks down, 2 weeks to go in Darling. Time seems to be going faster than I would like it to. But every moment I am here and in the now of what I am doing makes it all worth it. The lessons we teach the kids, the songs we sing and dance and the laughs the group shares with one another are absolutely real. God is fully present in everything that we do and it’s so fulfilling. The passion He put into our hearts to take time out of our normal lives and put us here in South Africa to teach the gospel is indescribable.

This week we were split into groups of two, four or six to go to different schools and churches and spread the good news of Jesus our Messiah! The schools have been so lovely and the people been absolutely fantastic. I have taught lessons about Jesus feeding the five thousand, Peter walking on water and Jesus healing the two blind men. It has been truly a blessing to teach about Jesus’ miracles and to see the children respond.

This past Thursday was a powerful day. We had decided to have a Bible study and to be honest I really just wanted to go to bed. But I went anyway and it was a good thing I did. God really spoke to me through Tyler’s lesson that night. He talked about the story of Jesus washing his disciples feet and the idea was not that he was washing their feet just to clean them, but to wash their sins away entirely. In the same way, He died and rose again to save us so that we are clean and witness his love and grace. It reminds me of the song by Chris Tomlin called “Love Ran Red.” I encourage you to go and listen and ponder the message in the song!