Safe and Sound in Darling!

This past week we've been in Darling staying at a cute little farm called Jeria's Sending. The kids were off school this whole week, but they had a holiday program where some of the students came to the farm and we played games with them, gave sermons, and got to know the community.
It's so different than all of the luxaries that we had in Pretoria, but we are all looking at that as a good thing. We have no wifi, and no showers so we have to take bucket baths. We got comfortable back in Pretoria and made such deep connections with the students and community that it was hard to come here to Darling and have to start all over again. But we are all so blessed to get the opportunity to not only reach out to one wonderful community, but two.
God's presence is so obvious here in Darling. We can all tell how much this town is prayed for. The community is so friendly and welcomed all of us crazy Americans with wide open arms.
The next two weeks we will be working at schools grade R to grade 12 all over the town teaching and sharing the gospel. Please continue to be praying for my team and I that we will be able to reach the students hearts and that they will learn the love of Jesus and that as our time here in South Africa begins to wear down that we will still have the same energy that we had here day one.
Thank you all so much!!