Home (For the Next Three Weeks)

Today Emily (one of my team members) and I moved into our host family's home. They are the sweetest most laid back and loving people. They have two children, Steuen and Beulané. Stephen and Yoekie are my parents and make me feel right at home. I'm so very excited for the next three weeks with them. The children are truly a joy.

Tomorrow morning we start spending our weeks in Olieven at the school. We'll each be assigned a classroom and will help the teachers. The school day ends around 12:00 noon after which we will stay for the after school program and bible study. The community of Olieven is tough. We visited on Saturday to get introduced to the kids and partake in a cool event they had going on. It's tough but the kids are worth every second. They sure know true joy! I'm thrilled to be able to share about the Kingdom and affirm them in their life.

This past week we've been staying with Hein and Helene as a whole team. They are the regional partners with EM and do the orientation to SA and connect us with our host families. They truly put in deep thought and consideration to whom we are placed with. They know how to live life according to God's will. They do Jesus very well. Hein taught us all about worldview and the true roots to Africa's problems. Much of what we think helps is actually causing more harm. We are reading the book "When Helping Hurts" as a team. We will come back to Hein and Helen's every weakened and debrief with the whole team and discuss the book. Everything here in South Africa makes me so very happy. God truly placed each one of us her for a reason.

Our team gets along wonderfully! No drama or clicks. We all connect on different levels and have bonded very deeply already. The food is AMAZING. If you think barbeque/grill is good...you need to experience a braai. Afrikaaners know how to cook meat I can tell you that. Sorry dad but they do it better.

I've had the pleasure to play with teenage lions and a young cheetah. We went on a safari and saw some really amazing animals. God's creation truly is wonderful.

There is so much to share but I cannot find the words. Know that all is well and our God is so grand, just, pure, and so very loving. He deserves all the praise.

Please pray for each one of my team members. We all shared our testimonies and it's hard talking about some of those things. Grant them peace and comfort. Also for the Olieven school. Pray blessings over the teachers and children. And finally for Hein, Helene and the rest of the host families. They provide much more than is ever needed and they do it with joy.
ove you all!