Peace and Blessings

I think when you first come across something so different it is your first instinct to think that it is in some way wrong or your way of doing things is better. The more I learn about the culture here in africa, around the world, and even my own I realize than none is better than the next but it is the perfect balance of the kingdom mindset we are called to live with. 

To have a kingdom worldview you have to understand what seems to be so backwards in our lives. What it means that the last are the first, the weak are the strong, to lose your life is to find it. And what I have really been challenged with is that it is not enough to understand it but the fruit of that truth comes when we begin to live it out. 

It has been so humbling to understand my brokenness. To realize that I am not anyone’s savior. I think it’s easy for us to want to come into a place and fix it when in reality we are just a small part of what God is already doing. He has been working long before me and will continue to work long after I am gone. 

It has been such a great month here in South Africa. The kids and staff at Olievenotbousch have taught me so much about community and love. And being able to live with an Africaan family really allowed me to experience life here. It is hard to say goodbye to this part of my trip but I am also looking forward to the next month in Darling (near Cape Town). Please be praying for my team and I as we transition into a completely new experience. That God would continue to open our eyes and that we reflect his love to those we come in contact with!