The Magnificent Mundane

I’ve been thinking lately about how close I feel to God here at J.P. Brandt boarding school. No matter what I am doing I feel as if God is sitting right next to me soaking it all in with me. I think this is how it’s intended to be, rather simple. But I think there is some kind of spiritual amnesia going around in us as Christians. It’s almost as if no matter how many times we watch magnificent sunsets, or see pictures of His galaxies, we forget. Everyday is a constant struggle to choose God when we wake up or to live a passive day serving ourselves. And I think we are making it more complicated than it needs to be. We forget to fear God and we forget to constantly be standing in awe of who he is. I think most of us are guilty of this or are at least tempted to choose the latter. Our fear of God gets put on the back burner, and we go about our daily rituals. But some of us need to step back for a second. As I was flying over the many countries of Africa it reminded me that God is the reason that there is still hope in such a literally dark place. When you think about it that way, there is no room to deny Him. When you stare at a sunset there is no room to deny Him. When you are out in the middle of the ocean basking in the vastness of Him, there is no room to deny Him. So how do we get to a point of never denying him in everyday suburban life? Jack Miller puts it perfectly when he writes:
“Then he introduces you to the supreme joy, the contentment, the satisfaction of knowing that what matters is not how you feel or even so much what you do, but that you be constantly and in everything like Jesus. Love your Father because you are loved by him. You have seen the cross; you have seen what love has done for you. You are on the verge of God’s reviving you, of joy inexpressible coming into your life. But here’s the hard part: Do you want it? Are you willing to seek it?” 
I want to be at a point in my relationship with God that I am continuously fearing Him and being in awe of Him, no matter where I am. I want to be less focused on what I am doing to please God and more focused on what He has already done for me. If we already know these things, let us try to see God in the mundane in addition to the extraordinary.