Desert Friends

This week was another incredible one in the desert. The relationships that I have been building with the girls there are strengthening and they have been able to open up to me about their stories. In our Bible Study on Wednesday they asked me questions that challenged me to get into my Bible and to know the references for the things that I believe. "Is hell real?, is Satan real and what does he do?, and how is God three in one but still one?" These were just a few of the questions that they threw at me in a few short minutes. Not being able to use my phone or the internet has given me more time and desire to read my bible in my free time (especially if I am going to attempt to answer all of these questions!) and I hope to continue this when I get back to the US. 

It is really hard for me to go into my last week realizing that I will have to say goodbye, probably for forever, to the girls that I have come to love on Friday. However, even though it is hard to know that the other half of our team will be going in and building similar relationships I think the biggest thing that God is trying to teach me is that they are really His girls and not mine. I cannot be jealous of these relationships that others will build with them because of how desperately they need to be loved. Ultimately it is His love that they need and it doesn't really matter who it comes through. 

Thanks to everyone for all of your prayers! Please pray for peace as I say goodbye to those that I have gotten to know over the past few weeks. It's hard to believe that I've been here for almost a month! Also pray for a smooth transition into our work at Walvis Bay. I'm not sure exactly which ministry I will be working with but I will give details later.