The rays of hot dry heat beat down, sweat pours down, but a smile shines bright upon my face. I am here standing with 50+ children praising The Lord! With songs being sung from 'praise ye the Lord' to the 'banana' song kids are screaming and jumping all around and laughter surrounds the church yard. Yet a message is being taught through all the hussle and bussle the story of Moses, and a play was to be performed. Those beautiful, wild crazy youngsters took an amazing story and were able to impact a whole congregation.  


    The exhilaration I felt from being with these wonderful kids for a week was amazing. Learning the names of most of the kids and just seeing the transformation of the children. At first they were kind of hesitant to us, I mean who are these white people they don't speak our language? But by the end of the week I felt so close to them! The growth of the week was not only understanding the story of Moses, and how God can you anyone in many great ways no matter where you come from. But it was also about the tremendous growth and movement in building and forming relationships with the children phenomenal! It lifted my spirit to unexplainable heights! The laughter and joy from a simple song about bananas and baby sharks, to games about gorillas and making your body into objects, to doing a drama about Moses allowed the kids to have a splendid time and for us to also have an amazing time with them! 


  Dancing up a storm to exhilarating music, while my nose is tickled by the sweet aroma of meat on the brie. While cattle, goats, chickens, horses surround me. And of course a gorgeous landscape! WELCOME TO NAMIBA!!! And an amazing farm! I never thought I would be here, but I am and wow! As I learn how to long arm with my wonderful (second host mom, my most mom best fried) smiles and laughter illuminates the air. Even though I was awful at it, with my two left feet. haha. There was so much joy in the moment the mistakes were covered by the jollity. As Emily, Lindsey, Chelsy, and I along with a couple of the children in our host gang climbed up a little rock formation I took in the breath taking site. When we reached the top we all stretched out and THE YES moment hit me 'I AM IN AFRICA!' How cool is this! God is such an artist! The view that was right in front of me was phenomenal and I got to share the moment with some amazing people! Then yes I got to shot a gun oh yeah in Africa! I mean just the joys that took place that day were amazing. The new people I got to meet, the new adventures, and the quality time I got to experience with my host family and others who are close to me. 


    Fear ran through my veins when I was faced with the task of teaching 300+ students life skills yep that's right. And Couseling some kids as well, but God showed up and showed off as always! When I walked onto the grounds of #Oan//ob I was super excited thinking I was going to teach cute little grade 1 children. Nope God had a different plan to stretch my strengths and it has worked! Being with the older kids has allowed me to get to know them better. To hear their struggles and teach them simple things that mean so much to them! And let them feel special! Just in two weeks time I have been able to create many relationships with my learners, now I am not saying I would not be able to do that with a grade one class but it is a different relationship. God is so great! I will always remember the laughter as I made a fool out of myself trying to dance in front of the class, or when they taught me namma words and I got to teach them new games. Or when they got to talk about all the different things they love to do and the affirmation I gave them they CAN do it! These kids are AMAZING! They give me strength to come to school and have a smile on my face the transformation from day one to now is awesome!!! 


    It has been amazing to see someone in the shops, in church, in town and you just know them from wherever and they know you somehow. You get to make that connection. It is not only reassurance but the relationship that was already made is the foundation and that is the super awesome part of it! It gives me chills when I am standing in line and a kid runs up hugs me and says hello Miss Anna. Oh man and if a youth says what's up to me, I feel fly haha just gained extra bonus points! It is all about relationships. The moments and the times we have here. 


Every meal I eat, coffee or tea I drink, snack I have, game I play, song I sing, class I teach, smile I share, hug I give, handshake I give all are forms of communication and relations. They are showing my desire to further the jesters. I want to know more about the people I strive I want the Lords work to be done here! And it is being done! He is awesome! Thank you Lord for allowing the team and I to share and serve in  your kingdom here in Rehoboth! You are AMAZING!!!!!