Angels Cried

Sunday morning, October 20th, the clouds rolled in. Pomfret has been praying for rain for weeks now, and I have only recently joined in that prayer in the last 12 days. It began to barely sprinkle on our way to church. We were so excited to see small droplets of water rafting each other to hit our windshield. Since we were on our way to church, some of us prayed that God would hold back the rain until the church service ended.

This is the second Sunday service we are attending, but this time we are going to a Portuguese church; it’s different from the Tswana church last Sunday. They enjoy singing here, but they find more entertainment in using drums and an out-of-tune piano. Personally, I prefer just their voices. Also, their singing was not as persistent as the Tswana. 

I heard two sing I fell in love with: I Will Follow Omega and Walking in the Light of God (that sing again). Hein, our team leader, shared the message this morning about the Good Samaritan; he is a natural speaker, born to spread the Word of God. This Portuguese church seems to be more interested in the message than in worshipping through songs–opposite of Tswana. 

Throughout the church service the rain would change in heaviness. You could hear it change from a very light drizzle to a medium rain to a light drizzle again. When we arrived back at the house, we changed into more comfortable and warm clothing. Rainy clouds are like insulators, keeping heat from the sun away from warming the earth’s surface. It was a very relaxing afternoon. We made chamomile tea and day in the living room listening to the soft rain. 

The power was out again, so there was a change in plans for lunch. Helene and Hein decided to go to the store to grab some snacks. Most of the team went with them; Gwen, Mandi, Sara, Jarrod and I stayed behind. Five minutes after they left, the rain came and began to pour down. That’s when we all jumped up, ran to our rooms, and slide on our swimsuits. The water hadn’t come for four days now, so no one has had a shower. It’s always been a dream of mine to shower in the rain, and it was finally about to happen!

We skipped outside only to find that the rain lightened up. We stood on the stones in the backyard and began to scream in prayer to God, “Please, God, let the rain fall down us! Let the Heavens pour down and cleanse us! Make your rain fall furiously on us so that we may wash our hair!” We were praying and yelling to God, laughing at our silly wording. 

Then an image was painted in my imagination: thousands upon thousands of God’s Angels crying tears of everlasting pouring down me, drenching me in the Love of God.

It began to pour so thickly, you could not see across the yard. I’ve never been peacefully pleased before this moment.

We all screamed in excitement, jumping up and down because God had heard us and answered our prayers. 

One thing I prayed about experiencing in this trip before I left was to have an unforgettable moment with God and His creation. This is that moment. God has blessed me today. God rained His mercy, peace, contentment, love upon me today.

This day is a beautiful day. I’ve never felt such a pure joy before. Thank You, God.

“God is good–all the time! All the time–God is good!