Pomfret Reflection

A month ago we were driving along a bumpy dirt road for an hour before we arrived in Pomfret. I remember feeling so beyond nervous and I began to doubt what I got myself into. However, as soon we arrived we were greeted by the Emmanuel Christian Outreach (ECO) team. They gave us huge hugs and showed us to our new home. It was right in the heart of the community. The home was way nicer than I expected. After we spent some time getting settled we got to meet the children from the orphanage. The children welcomed us with big hugs and smiles. They formed a circle around us and began praying for us. I had no idea what they were saying because it was in a different language. But my heart began to beat so hard and I had tears streaming down my face. In that moment God removed all of my fear and worry. I knew without a doubt in my mind that this is where God wanted me to be.

Saying goodbye to pomfret was so incredibly hard. I fell in love with the community and the people in it. It is located on the edge of the Kalahari desert. The closest town was about an hour away. But if you wanted to find an actual grocery store it would be about a 2 hour drive. The people in the community of Pomfret blessed me far more than I could have blessed them. In a community that is so physically broken the people are so rich in love. The community is very relational and the pace of life is WAY different. Adjusting to the pace of life was probably my biggest challenge. The first week at times I felt very lazy and unproductive. But soon I realized that this is just the way life is here. It is simple. People are way less focused on themselves and all that they need to accomplish in a day. When you are walking through the streets the people always stop to say hi and ask how you are.

I have not been able to blog for about a month since we had very limited internet access. The last 2 weeks we had no electricity. At first it was hard knowing that I had no way to communicate home. But soon I became very happy with the fact there was no electricity. It was a breath of fresh air. We had to trust God in moments of complete darkness. I am so thankful for this experience. Pomfret will always have a place in my heart.

I put together a list of my highlights from Pomfret:

I witnessed a miracle
Experienced God in a new way
Preached a sermon at a Portuguese church
Participated in the local church choir
15 days with no electricity
Slept in the sand one night by the fire
Started to drink coffee
Talks and tea with Zelda
Learned to make bread in a plastic bag and hot water- delicious!
Witnessed the moon rise
Scorpion in the shower with Mallory
Bucket showers
Washing each others feet at girl time
Brie at Tommy’s on the last night
Camel thorns
Sand everywhere
Exploring the old mine in pomfret
Evening fires under the stars
Living as a team for a month
Romany creams
Children at Tswana feeding scheme dressed in traditional costumes and did a performance for us
Go Tata
Peter and Elsie
Praying for Anastasia and her family
Hand washing all of our clothes
Red roman spiders
Dance party at children’s home
Devotions at children’s home
Linda a beautiful young girl at the high school
Praying for students at local high school before exam
Telephone to Jesus
Walking in the light of God
Ice pops
Pomfret ‘beach’
Pastor Julio
Fixing up the clinic
Dr. Pedro and his green ruby ruby and magic potion
The cresh (preschool)
Living simply
Learning to live in the moment
African prayers
Hugs and kisses from the kids
Pup and minced meat
Warm weather
Hellos from people in the community
Crazy thunderstorm that knocked a tree down
Soccer and games with the kids in front yard
Learning to let go and truly trust God
Na Na song
Leaking sewer in courtyard
Winnie the grasshopper
The mural at the children’s home
Learning a bit of the language
Living the local way
Cynthia our fantastic cook
Sitting on the bleachers and watching soccer games
Trailer rides
Custard pudding and guava
Riding on the tailgate with cici
Worship by the fire
Ciesta time
Cold showers