Jeria Sending Mission

Darling, Western Cape | South Africa

The small farm community of Darling resides in the Western Cape of South Africa. It is famous for its wildflowers. Its lush green fields are framed by starkly scattered mountains. 

The staff of the Jeria Sending Church have three main focuses; children's ministry, farm ministry, and hospital ministry.

Jeria has a rotation of 9 different schools that they visit. While at the schools they have the opportunity to share Christ with the children in the classrooms as they share encouraging uplifting life lessons with scriptural references. During the afternoons Jeria hosts after school programs for the neighboring students. They also travel to the nearby townships to present "Good News Clubs".

Throughout the week the staff travels to nearby farms to do farm ministry. They lead church services with the farm workers who may not be able to attend a formal service throughout the week. The lead in song, prayer, and message.

There is a small team that is connected with Jeria that focuses on hospital visitations one day per week. The focus is to comfort those in distress, pray for those in need, and be the light of Jesus in a dark place. 

Jeria has hosted Immersion teams from the United States since the spring of 2014. It has also become a location for short-term trips to share and experience the ministry as well.