Kingdom Investment Opportunities

We need people to invest in what God is doing through us; to invest by sowing seeds. We need investors to join us in mobilizing people to experience and participate in God’s mission, and, as a result, to bring hope to Africa.

We strongly believe that every seed sown is an investment in the continent of Africa. The transformation does not lie in the size of the seed, but in the principle of seedtime and harvest.

Will you join us? Will you invest?  

Investment Options

·       By encouraging others to join an Immersion team to come to Africa…..for such a time as this.  To encourage just one person has the potential to change the history of Africa. Remember, “you can count the seeds in a mango, but you cannot count the mangos in the seed” (African Proverb).

·       To encourage your local church to partner with us by investing in some of the existing initiatives we are involved with. Your church will have the opportunity to follow their investment through regular visits, social media, EM’s website, etc.

·       To encourage your local business/foundation/trust to invest financially in the work of EM Africa. Donation can be tax deductible.

·       To financially or in-kind support the EM Africa office on a monthly basis.


Thank you for your participation in God’s mission and for coming to Africa for such a time as this.