Growing Nations

Maphutseng | Lesotho

The country of Lesotho is land locked within South Africa's borders. It is know as the "Mountain Kingdom" and is inhabited by the Basotho people. For many of the people there farming is a foundamental part of their lifestyle.

Growing Nations is a ministry that focuses on speaking life into the agricultural ways of Lesotho. Based in the Maphutseng valley, Growing Nations has established their offices and teaching center. They have three main focuses; resident student programme, demonstration field, and transformational development training.

Each year Growing Nations houses 10 young adults ages 18-30 from nearby villages. These young adults then work through the two year training programme that Growing Nations offers. They are eucated in things such as planting methods, crop rotation, land restoration, and much more. All of their training material is based on the Biblical principles known as Farming God's Way.

Growing Nations also focuses on maintaining and growing their demonstration plot. This is a plot of land that is connected to their property. The staff and students maintain the land, grow crops, and manage all that goes along with growing crops for it. They use the plot as a demonstration to show farmers how successful farming can be when they farm God's way. This plot provides education for conservative sustainable agriculture.

The Extension Team leaves the base many times during the year to do onsite trainings about conservative agriculture all over the country. As they go out they bring training and knowledge that they teach the residents during their training. Their hope is to work one on one with farmers to help them develope a conservative approach to farming their land.