Ditshego House of Laughter

Mooiplaas, Gauteng | South Africa

Mooiplaas is an informal settlement just 30 minutes South West of Pretoria, the administrative capital of South Africa. The informal settlement is built on the edge of a regional dumpsite. 

Ditshego focuses on schooling and feeding the unschooled children of the community.They currently educate roughly 140 children. Their focus is to nurture the children into classroom settings to prepare them to enter formal schools. Their approach to education is a hands on approach. They also work with 30 children between the ages of seven and fourteen in their "Open School" project.

There is also a social work division of the school that ministers to the children’s home needs as well. They strive to encourage a healthy home life. Additionally, they work hard to make sure the children have the proper legal documentation so that they can put them on the right track to enter proper schools when they graduate the crech program.

In conjunction with the school, the ministry owns a property minutes away from Mooiplaas that they call the Place of Safety. Here, a small number of children are cared for that come from vulnerable circumstances. Not only are the children housed here, but also the offices of Ditshego and the Place of Safety are here. The vision for the property is to eventually build a new school facility on the property. This would provide running water, restroom facilities, and electricity to children who do not have those amenities.