Community Investment


Experience Mission Africa strives to help in practical ways that are healthy and up-lifting. We want to invest in initiatives that are already in motion to serve and better communities. In this way we are not creating a dependency from our own efforts, but it is our hope that as a result of our involvement with the ministries we can come alongside, encourage, and grow together.

Financially investing in community partners is not about making a one time monetary deposit into an organization, but it's about investing in the lives and the futures of all those involved. 100% of your investment will go toward the involvement of your choice.


Education Supplies


Through discussions with our education partners Experience Mission Africa has identified a real day to day need. School supplies are an ever depleating necessity that each education partner has expressed need for help. Through the education investment Experience Mission Africa is able to assist local ministry partners with these real needs in a healthy manner.

The education investments will help each education partner greatly. These investments will go toward purchasing much needed school supplies for the students and teachers to help alleviate the financial stress of these supplies. The investments to this category will be evaluated by the Experience Mission Africa staff against the needs of our community partners.


Meal and Shower Vouchers

Bible Printing



Experience Mission Africa partners with a ministry that is active in the Cape Metropol. This ministry focuses on reaching the homeless population - offering food, shelter, counselling, work, and more. Their desire is ultimately to help them through the process of being on the streets to living a self sustaining thriving lifestyle.

Vouchers, which are passed out by the ministry's social work team, can be redeemed at the centres for a hot meal and a shower. An investment of R50 allows the ministry to distribute 10 vouchers that can help those on the street receive help.

Throughout the world the Bible has been fully translated into over 550 languages worldwide. Including portions of scriptures that have been translated there are over 2,900 languages in which the Bible has been written. Though the Bible has been translated it is not always readily available to those who do not have it.

Experience Mission Africa partners with ministries that take the printed Bible to areas that are not privileged to have them. They strive to ensure the Bible is available to every tongue and tribe. There is a cost for printing and transporting the Bibles.


Farming Art Instalments