Experience Mission Africa exists to demonstrate God's love by empowering communities, developing leaders, and mobilizing volunteers.

Guiding Values


Human Dignity

We will aim to keep relationships and the innate dignity of the people we serve at the forefront of our mission.


We will only enter into new communities and situations in the form of partnerships with local people and organizations, doing nothing on our own agenda, trusting people to shape and mold a vision for their own communities.


We will live out the demonstration of God's love through service, leading and collaborating in a way that puts the needs of others ahead of our own.


We realize the most powerful force in life is God's love, and we will strive to conduct ourselves in a way that allows for His love to flow through our service and relationships and, ultimately, change lives.


We will strive to do everything with quality and integrity, understanding the legacy we leave is the way we lead and serve, not a list of accomplishments or projects.


We will seek to honor others with our actions and decisions and pursue peaceful relationships with all people, regardless of background or differing points of view.