The first 6 month African Immersion team of 2015 began their experience in Olievenhoutbosch, South Africa. They lived with host families from Church Without Walls in Centurion. While working in Olievenhoutbosch their time was split between the Olievenhoutbosch Christian School and the Olievenhoutbosch Disability Centre.

From Olievenhoutbosch the team transitioned to Maphutseng, Lesotho. There they worked with Growing Nations as the organization was hosting and training resident students from neighboring villages. The team spent two weeks at Growing nations, and then they spent two weeks living in the villages with the resident students.

Rehoboth, Namibia was the final destination for this team's Immersion experience. They worked with a local missionary, Tony Bergman. The team was divided between two schools. One half of the team worked at Rehoboth High and the other worked at M & K Gertze.

Team Members:









"We are here in Namibia where I have the pleasure of teaching some awesome eighth grade geography classes! I am really learning what it means to be equipped by God in this experience. At the beginning of our time at M+K Getze I was so scared to be in charge of four different classes (some as big as 40 kids.) But as time has passed here at the school it is clear God prepares us when we seek Him first." - Kendall