The 3 month South Africa Immersion team of 2013 began their time in the small remote village of Pomfret. Located in the Northwest province of South Africa, Pomfret was once home to the 32 battalion. The team spent their time investing in the local créch, high school, and orphanage. They also did various work projects around the area. They experienced the Tswana and Portuguese cultures of the area.

The team transitioned from Pomfret to Olievenhoutbosch. While in Olievenhoutbosch the team worked at the Olievenhoutbosch Christian School and the Olievenhoutbosch Disability Centre. There they invested in the teachers, students, and young adult mentors of the school. At the disability centre they served alongside the caregivers and cooks.  

Team Members:








Lori Beth





"The children welcomed us with big hugs and smiles. They formed a circle around us and began praying for us. I had no idea what they were saying because it was in a different language. But my heart began to beat so hard and I had tears streaming down my face. In that moment God removed all of my fear and worry. I knew without a doubt in my mind that this is where God wanted me to be." - Samantha