3 Month Namibia 2015

The 3 month Namibia Immersion team of 2015 was divided into two teams. One team served at JP Brand at Kuiseb which is in Walvis Bay, Namibia. The other part of the team served in Walvis Bay at an old age home and a daycare. Halfway through their trip the team switched locations - allowing both teams to experience the different ministry opportunities.

At JP Brand the team assisted the teachers in classrooms with teaching, marking, and homework. At lunch they helped serve the learners food. During the afternoons the team played games and hiked sand dunes with the children. In the evenings the team helped with dinner and Bible lessons for the children that stay at the hostel.

The part of the team serving in Walvis Bay had many different opportunities to assist different ministries. While helping at the old age home the team sang songs, read the Bible, played games, and helped with meals. When they had the opportunity to serve the daycare the team served lunch in the afternoons, played games, and told Bible stories.

Team Members:














"Ernestine, like the other 269 kids, lives on site. We met day two, on a hike up the dunes. She kept track of my water bottle and held my hand as she walked with me. The next time we spent time together she asked to read my Bible. That became our time together. Every day after lunch we would read the Bible – she in English and myself in Afrikaans. She taught me pronunciation of words and I taught her the meaning of what she read." - Andy