1 Month Himba 2015

The 2015 1 month Himba Immersion team was the first Immersion team to work with the Himba Tribe. They spent their mornings walking from kraal to kraal. They would sit down with the families and discuss their relationship with God. They would also sing songs and pray with the families. 

A portion of the team worked at the local school. The team members assisted the teachers with the English studies and Mathematics. During the afternoons the team would help the children with their homework as well as play games and share stories with them.

On weekends the girls on the team would play netball with the girls of the community. The guys would play soccer with the rest of the children.

Team Members:











"After sharing the gospel with a village we were invited back to be dressed up like the Himba ladies. This is by far one of the highlights of my month in Swartbooisdrift. Not only was it fun, it was an act of acceptance by the Himba. Where they invited us to experience their culture. We were truly blessed, the people of the Kunene river region will forever be in my thoughts and prayers." - Jamie