Experience Mission Africa exists to spread Christ's love by connecting people together from diverse cultures and backgrounds, developing leaders, and assisting those that live in under-developed communities with resources and support to enable them to reach their own communities and actively participate in extending out to the world.


Our 3 Focuses

Experience Mission Africa exists to demonstrate God's love by empowering communities, developing leaders, and mobilizing volunteers. Click the link below to learn more about what that looks like!




Mobilizing volunteers is about bringing people together from diverse cultures and backgrounds to serve in partnership toward a common goal. We accomplish this primarily through our short-term mission trip program where volunteer teams help with practical projects to serve people in under-privileged communities.



From our homes, to our families, to our local communities and our world as a whole, there's no denying that our future is shaped by our leaders. So inasmuch as we are committed to mobilizing volunteers today, we are equally committed to raising up leaders for tomorrow.



Sustainable change succeeds when there is a sober awareness of the local struggles and a homegrown vision for the future. The community recognizes the barriers that stand in their way and finds ownership in their treatment of these problems.